Following Ireland’s Lead, Berlin Offers Free and Anonymous Drug Testing to Reduce Risks.

Berlin has officially launched a legal drug testing scheme, allowing people to anonymously get drugs tested for free.

Consumers of drugs can now have their purchased substances tested free of charge in Berlin, reported dpa.

“After years of discussions and preparations, the so-called drug checking project, which aims to analyze ingredients and detect impurities, has begun,” announced the Senate Department for Health.

“This will save lives and is an incredibly compassionate & intelligent thing to do,” said Dr. Peter Grinspoon, MD, cannabis specialist at Harvard Medical in a Tweet. “Sadly, the U.S. is still in the early Dark Ages about this stuff…our stupidity is killing people.”

The scheme is being carried out by the State Institute for Forensic and Social Medicine, which opened three advice centers.

Drugs that can be tested for their composition and purity include cannabis, ecstasy, speed, cocaine and LSD. People will get the results back three days after submission, with the results sent over to the appropriate counseling center.

Employees at the centers explain the results and can answer any questions with further consultations available and the anonymity of the person preserved.

The aim of the Drug Checking project is to minimize the risk of drug taking and study consumption and drug trends in Berlin.

Ireland Does The Same

A drug testing pilot was launched at music festivals across Ireland in early June “in a safe, non-judgmental manner.”

Operated by the Health Service Executive (HSE), the Safer Nightlife program enables festival-goers to use its “back of house” drug testing service to help identify any concerns.

This program was first tried in 2022 at Ireland’s arts and music festival, the Electric Picnic. The trial program found that high-strength pills were circulating at the festival which allowed the HSE to warn attendees immediately that the pills were at least “two times the average adult dose.”


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