The Clash of Billionaire Superyachts: Jeff Bezos’ Koru Versus Jack Ma’s Zen

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ superyacht Koru may have been the cynosure of all eyes in recent times. But not far behind in its magnificence and massiveness is Alibaba founder Jack Ma‘s superyacht Zen.

What Happened: Zen was spotted in the Balearic Islands in Spain alongside Koru on Club de Mar Mallorca, reported. Club de Mar Mallorca is a marina, or a specially-designed harbor for pleasure yachts and small boats, located in Palma de Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca is the capital city of the Balearic Islands.

Zen Vs. Koru: Ma’s Zen was launched in early 2021 and was built by Dutch superyacht builder Feadship. It was custom-made and the exterior design and naval architecture were done by De Voogt Naval Architects and interiors by Nauta Yachts and FM Architettura.

Bezos’ Koru was built by Oceanco, a Dutch yacht builder, owned by Omani billionaire Mohammed  Al Barwani. Bezos took possession of it in early April 2023.

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Not much is known about Zen, in line with the extremely low profile maintained by Ma, the report said. Contractual obligations prevent Feadship from divulging any detail about the Ma-owned vessel.

The report said Zen is a 289-foot vessel. In comparison, Bezos’ Koru is a larger 127-meter (417 feet) sailing yacht. While Zen can sleep up to 16 guests and accommodate 25 crew and captain, Koru can accommodate up to 36 guests and 56 crew members.

Zen, according to the report, costs $200 million compared to the $500 million price tag of Koru. Reports suggest Koru has an annual operating cost of $25 million, and it has a support yacht by the name of Abeona.

Luxury launches said Zen’s interior is spacious and boasts of a volume of 2,562 GT.  Going by the name Zen, the interiors may be “inundated by materials such as light-colored wood, bamboo, leather and mother-of-pearl with touches of greenery to create a serene atmosphere,” the report said. The exterior showed four gigantic decks with ample open deck, it added.

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